Raisa Telgar

High Elf Noble-born Rogue


Race – High Elf

Background – Noble

Alignment – Lawful Good (elves tend to be good – mostly chaotic good).

Background: Raisa is a high wood elf from the lands of Greyhawk.She is noble born and very devoted to her family.She is young by elven standards (a mere 95 years old) – old by the years of men.She has recently chosen her adult name (Raisa) after growing up with the name of Arya.She was an adventurous, inquisitive youth – always looking to figure out how things worked and eager to learn.This led her to the skills she employs as a rogue.Her intelligence and dexterity skills are a result of a childhood running around the forest and learning all she could from the elders.
Description*: She stands a medium 5’ 6” tall, with a very slender build (110 lbs). She has light skin, grey eyes and golden-blond hair.She is very quick and graceful on her feet, as is usual with the elves.

Family: Elves, with their long lives, have smaller families.As such, her family exists only of an older and younger brother.She has less of an expectation to continue on her noble line, due to the older brother.She wants to blaze her own trail – create her own experience and make a name for herself – so she has set off on an adventure.

Personality: She is a very caring individual – she wants to help out all those she can.Due to her wealthy, noble background her family instilled a strong sense of giving in her.While growing up (in between all the running and learning) she spent time helping out those all around.She worked on farms, learned to work with all the animals and learned the skills of working outside. She is also very loyal.She, like most elves, is slow to trust but once you have earned her trust she is there forever.She is incredibly close to her family and would stop to go help them out in a heartbeat.Her biggest problem is the lack of trust – she will second guess people that she has known for years, let alone weeks.

This Adventure: As stated above, she has set out to have an adventure and see the world.She spent most of her life in the forest where she was born, with small trips out of the area to surrounding towns and other elven settlements.Now that she is an adult (as she declared herself) she is ready to see the world.She’s ready to see what she can do in the world.

NOTE: Vegetarian. Doesn’t like the smell of human flesh burning.


Raisa Telgar

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